Fresh roasted hosting – A correct approach!

Fresh roasted hosting is Lancaster’s best hosting website and is provided live from PA.The data center is the heart of fresh roast hosting. That’s why Fresh Roasted Hosting uses two reliable datacenters in Harrisburg Pennsylvania and Dallas Texas. Now Harrisburg has 3 tier co-location services, backup file servers, virtual private servers and dedicated servers. Dallas on the other hand deals with web hosting platform, dedicated servers, Reseller Hosting and virtual private servers. It is also said to be one of the best datacenter in the world as it has 12 UPses, 10 onsite diesel generators and N+2 transformers. Thus both the datacenters give a blend of multiple tier 1 and tier2.

Talking about the network, the website provides a network which is a blend of tier1 and tier2 carriers to provide redundancy and optimum routing. This makes network unique from other websites. Then comes the services, the collocation service is a great advantage to the customers as they are given a chance to send their hardware to Harrisburg datacentre, where the client gets the benefit of carrier neutral network, reluctant power and cooling and security.

Lancaster hosting website is completely a non-profit web hosting service as all the employees have volunteered with non-profit/community organization. They have faced all the challenges successfully by bringing the best results for the customers.

Thus, without a second thought fresh roasted hosting is what all you need!

Get more details by visiting our website:-

Fresh roasted hosting – A correct approach!

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