Fresh Roasted Host – Premium Hosting Server From US Now At Your Doorsteps!

As the technology and business is going up in the market so do is the usage of dedicated servers gaining its importance. Nowadays a trend of Colocation services has started attracting many companies. These services are offering cooling, power, bandwidth and security services on rent to companies who require these facilities in bulk. Such services help a lot in growing their business. There are many hosting providers who offer such services. But the best and recognized name is Fresh Roasted Host.

Fresh Roasted Host is a web hosting company placed in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Fresh Roasted Host is entirely divided into 2 data centres one at Harrisburg and other at Dallas. The data centre at Harrisburg is a three tier data centre which houses colocation facilities, backup fileservers, virtual private servers and dedicated servers. This is the reason that fresh roasted host is known as one of the best premium hosting server in US.

Services under the fresh roasted host include colocation facility and virtual private servers. The advantages under colocation   facility include carrier neutral network, which is nothing but a blend of connectivity. Redundant power, cooling, safety and security. Next comes the virtual private servers, which provides the best flexibility. That means we can remove or add resources as and when required. This is the reason that Fresh roasted is one of the well known virtual private server provider.

Thus, next time if you are planning to buy a server colocation service for your business then Fresh Roasted should be your first and last choice. So just go through our website and choose the best plan required for your business.

Fresh Roasted Host – Premium Hosting Server From US Now At Your Doorsteps!

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