Experience the fastest hosting, Litespeed Hosting.

Fresh Roasted Hosting is a self-determine web hosting company having headquarters in vibrant Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Situated in among coffee houses, independent retailers, and the oldest continually-operating market house in the US, Also to stay up in the market with the competitors we deliver all the same high-end web hosting solutions and at the cheap rate.

It also provides the service like Litespeed Hosting. An advantage of using Litespeed Hosting is that greater speed, easy in operation. It is compatible with cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk etc. With the help of Litespeed Hosting we get the good efficiency and security at affordable price. These hosting servers have DOS protection built-in, flash report features in real time so that you can solve the bottleneck of the sites as well as the controls bandwidth. Also it throttles the traffic allocated to each pc through IP address.

The premium hosting servers allows you to host a number of different domain names and email addresses at one place, this offers a cost effective solution for any company. With the help of premium hosting servers one can easily reduce the amount of technical maintenance needed, reduce the software maintenance costs dramatically.

One of the main advantages to choosing this type of server is that customers get less downtime while accessing, which is exceptionally important if you’re hosting your website. If customers want to have access to their website twenty four hours a day, if their site is down more than it’s up, customers will start looking for other products and services that they require.

Experience the fastest hosting, Litespeed Hosting.

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