Things You Should Know About dedicated server provider

Fresh Roasted Hosting is a self-determine web hosting company having headquarters in vibrant Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Situated in among coffee houses, independent retailers, and the oldest continually-operating market house in the US, Also to stay up in the market with the competitors we deliver all the same high-end web hosting solutions and at the cheap rate.

We provide the services like Business Hosting, Colocation, Domains, and SSL Certificates etc.  Also in hosting we provide Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Semi-Dedicated Hosting. Apart from these services we also provide dedicated server provider and virtual private server provider at affordable price.

dedicated server provider is nothing but the physical piece of hardware that hosting provider rents to you. They are having their own processor, hard drives(s), Random Access Memory (RAM) and bandwidth capability. Your website and its associated software will be hosted completely on this dedicated server’s hard drives. Dedicated servers allow customers to install and run almost all program. They additionally allow other users, whom you have given the rights, the ability to connect the dedicated hosting server and use those programs at the same time you do. And that’s why dedicated servers are much more powerful, popular in gaming servers. Also they offer all the same features and services of regular dedicated hosting servers but they are intended for less serious tracking.

Dedicated Server Provider

A virtual private server provider is created through software for the individual customer. It runs on a single computer but there may be a number of such virtual private servers operating from the same machine, though not physically. A virtual machine that works as a server is created with its own defined and allocated RAM and hardware resources.

Things You Should Know About dedicated server provider

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